Seaversity is a company that utilizes modern, innovative techniques and technologies to provide convenient and efficient education for cadets. With the persistence of technological advancement in the current era, visionaries in the maritime industry were prompted to make adaptive decisions, leading to the foundation of Seaversity.

Merging expertise in maritime knowledge, training, and seafaring with innovative IT knowledge and the latest technologies available, Seaversity continues creating breakthroughs with maritime education and improving the development of the industry.


We aim to uphold the qualities of a great seafarer. One who possesses technical knowledge, flexibility, reliability, trustworthiness, perseverance, and good command. We believe in pure vision implementation and endure in our team’s future insights on the fleet of tomorrow.

Our reputation shall be its forefront. Constant competition pushes us to strive to be global leaders even more. Our national agenda is matched by our active investment in human capital development. This paves a way to match skills and training to promote science, technology, and the creative arts in enhancing innovation and creative capacity.



Sorok Uni Foundation

Aside from innovating the maritime industry, Seaversity takes part in empowering the forgotten neighbors in partnership with Sorok Uni Foundation to create sustainable community for people who are homeless and affected by Leprosy, help them rebuild their lives and become self-reliant.