Extended Reality (XR)

We are always looking to utilize the latest technologies to be able to provide greater convenience and efficiency in maritime education when possible. The use of extended reality allows students to better visualize objects, locations, and activities, without the actual need for the physical machinery or location.

Learning Management System

The Seaversity LMS is a comprehensive system to provide competency management solutions for the maritime industry. Our systems are primarily authored with the top development platforms and e-learning tools to ensure fully interactive and gamified technology. The content is thoroughly developed by Maritime SMEs all over the Philippines so that each training may be cascaded, monitored, and validated anywhere in the world.


After the user gets to familiarize themselves with the parts, definitions, and functions within the VR simulations, they may then test themselves with the assessments, also developed and playable in VR.

Augmented Reality Simulations

Seaversity has developed many AR applications, allowing the close viewing and study of the parts of different ship machinery. Some have animations simulating how the part moves in real time, while some can be disassembled and assembled to view how the parts are constructed.
> Pumps - Study the difference between different kinds of ship pumps
> Valves - Learn the functions of various types of ship valves
> Multipurpose Controller - Disassemble the multipurpose controller for better study
> Fuel Pump - Find out the fuel pump’s parts and function


As one of the first Filipino maritime VR adopters and digitizers, we develop vessel-specific familiarization and interactive simulations to ensure immersive training experience related to deck department, engineering requirements, among others; providing walk-throughs of actual ships to give trainees a full onsite view of the vessels.

Deck Simulations
Engine Simulations
Life Saving Appliances
Firefighting Equipment



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