Learning Management System (LMS)

At the forefront of our services, we have the LMS: an extensive web-based system that allows the company to track and monitor the learning progress of its users to assess the effectiveness of their training.


Conventional curriculums no longer need to be held in traditional classrooms; e-learning allows users access of lessons digitally wherever and whenever they want.


Interactive assessments focus on visualization that produces results obtained in real time, and assesses the lacking competencies of the user right away.


At the core of these services, we identify solutions, create storyboards, and develop content in accordance with the company’s request.


Our R&D department is able to provide data analytics to effectively determine the company's needs and provide the best solutions

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Extended Reality (XR)

We are always looking to utilize the latest technologies to be able to provide greater convenience and efficiency in maritime education when possible. The use of extended reality allows students to better visualize objects, locations, and activities, without the actual need for the physical machinery or location.


In VR, users are able to be immersed in a controlled simulation within a virtual environment. We develop technology that is able to provide the user with the experience of being inside the vessel, interacting with the ship machinery, and even activities that is not possible in reality, while eliminating the risks and costs of physical training.


AR is the super imposition of interactive digital elements with the real-world environment. Using this technology, we develop applications that allows users to interact with realistic renders of machinery, with only the necessity of their own mobile phone or device.

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